Construction Projects

Our mission is to provide our clients a perfect mix of creativity, professionalism and quality.asd

izrada projekata

Therefore, we have set our goals high and are successfully creating reputation as as reliable business partner. Through constant education of our team members, nurturing creativity and out of the box thinking and keeping in touch with latest trends we have a clear vision of becoming Serbia’s leading architectural company.

We are offering attractive and innovative architectural projects whether it is residential or commercial building, industrial building (factories, halls, warehouses etc.) or public facilities (schools, hospitals…).Together with preliminary design which serves as starting point for location and capacity of the object, we are taking care that project fulfills all of functional and technological requirements and fits perfectly in the given environment.

Beocontrol Construction’s creative team is here for you with every step of the project development:

The Idea

It emerges and transforms through several steps that require tight cooperation between our creative team and the client by creating draft proposals, evaluation of current conditions and development of creative solutions.

Main Project

This step consists of complex development of the idea from concept to the final solution. When necessary, field examinations of the existing object or location are performed, together with measuring and photographing. It is important to align client’s requirements with technical capabilities and on-site conditions and possibilities.

Technical Control

This control step is extremely important since it’s main purpose is to check and make sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled whether it is a completely new object or adaptation of the existing object.

This control can be performed simultaneously with the main project development.